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Add beauty, value and style to your property.

Whether you are looking for a brand new design or just a spruce up with some mulch, we've got you covered.


A well-landscaped yard is a safe and inviting place to be. A place to relax and stop and smell the roses, if you know what I mean. Our residential and commercial landscaping crews can add value with style.

Design & Installation
Here at Sharp Edge, we offer custom landscape designs to fit your property’s needs. Whether you have no landscape at all, or need a makeover, we are here to help. The proper landscape can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property. Let our professionals work with you in creating the landscape of your dreams.

Mulching helps keep weeds down to a minimum. It also gives your plants nutrients and helps retain moisture. Not to mention, a little mulch can make your property look a hundred times better. We offer a variety of colors to fit your needs.

Does your yard become a lake every time it rains? Do you wonder where your downspouts drain to? These are common problems that can be fixed. It is all part of having a safe and healthy lawn and landscape. Let us help you with your drainage needs.

Landscaping Services - Sharp Edge Tree & Landscape Mentor, Ohio
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