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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Follow these important guidelines below to ensure and great outcome on your next hire.

Choosing a Contractor

Mistake #1 – Buying only on price.

The saying “You get what you pay for” is true! Low Priced work = Low Quality work.
Dirt cheap contractors don’t stand behind their work. What if something happens later down the road? Is the contractor going to fix the problem? The lowest price isn’t always the lowest price. Is there going to be extra fees down the road? Is the upfront price going to be the total price in the end?

If it sounds too good to be true . . . It is too good to be true!

Mistake #2 – All contractors are not the same.

Every contractor is different. No two contractors are really the same. Every contractor has different equipment and different employees who know how to do certain kinds of jobs well. Every company has a different number of employees, each with different abilities.

Contracting is art and craftsmanship combined. Most people who hire contractors don’t truly understand that despite all of the technological advances, contractors still use the same quality work habits as 20 years ago.

Mistake #3 – You always have three or more contractors competing with each other for your work.

You may think this is a good way to do business; it is to some extent. But here is why it usually isn’t a good way to deal with contractors.

A good contractor has enough loyal customers so that they don’t have to deal with price shoppers. Once you find a good contractor, you should be loyal to them. If you flip-flop from contractor-to-contractor, a good shop won’t be too motivated to keep YOU as a customer, and you’ll be left “out in the cold” literally when you most need them.

Price is important. But price should not be more important than good quality and good service. This is what people typically like to do. They try to get everyone fighting for the same piece of pie. This might be an OK short-term strategy because you save a few bucks. But when you need a favor or super fast service, not one of these companies will instantly bend over backwards to help you. (And if you have been a price shopper in the past, they will probably charge you more). All good contractors will be loyal to you if YOU are loyal to them.

Keep loyalty in mind when you pick your contractor.

Tip #1 – Check references.

Who has used this contractor in the past? Are they a member of any organizations? Check with the BBB. How long have they been in business?

Remember: Professionalism Shows!

Choosing a Contractor - Sharp Edge
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