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You know what our team here at Sharp Edge loves about Lyndhurst? The story and history behind Eggshelland. We adore that Ron and Betty Manolio began this wonderful tradition of hand painting eggshells in 1957 for an Easter surprise mosaic on their front lawn. Although displays only lasted ten days out of the year, the ideas and images were endless – it went as far as their imagination took them!

While we’re no eggshell masters, we do have the expertise and experience to help you design and execute your own creative masterpiece! Sharp Edge is here to make your landscaping, mosaic dreams come to life. We offer landscaping, hardscaping, tree services, and more to ensure your space is exactly what you want.

If you want to have the perfect lawn for displaying your own Easter mosaic, we’d recommend taking part in our 6-step fertilization program to keep your lawn lush and green to display your work. This program, and many of our other landscaping services, is tailored to ensure your front yard looks its best. We also offer design/installation, irrigation services, and lawn maintenance for your choosing. Each service tackles a different part of landscaping, but no matter what you need, our team of professionals can deliver.

If you want something longer-lasting than a fragile egg mosaic, hardscaping may be the way to go. Our Sharp Edge team has experience creating beautiful patios and fireplaces with stoneware that reflect our customer’s visions. Our expert landscapers are there to listen and deliver results you’ll love.

No matter what your concept is, Sharp Edge can help you bring it to life! Through landscaping, hardscaping, tree services, and snow plowing, our diverse range of services will guarantee you will have a beautiful outdoor space in no time at all. Although, we’ll probably have to leave the artistic talent and finesse of painting eggshells for the Eggshelland team.

Landscape Design & Tree Service - Lyndhurst, Ohio
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