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Landscaping and Tree Services – Mayfield, Ohio

Mayfield is home to the one and only Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance. The insurance company is headquartered right in Mayfield! Progressive first opened its doors in 1937 and had a moment operating in Cleveland. Three years after the company went public in 1971, Progressive moved from Cleveland to Mayfield, where they still operate today.

We know we’re nowhere near the insurance world, but we still imagine creating a beautiful outdoor space where mascot Flo could relax and take a break from her Progressive Super Store. With our skills and services, we are confident that we can build and create the perfect landscape for you.

If you’re like Flo and you love being outdoors, take a look at our landscaping and tree services. We can help you spruce up your lawn or design and install a new look. If you need to build a landscape from scratch or simply do a makeover, Sharp Edge is here to help. Our licensed and professionally trained team can manage any tree project with safety in mind. We offer tree trimming, tree removal, lot clearing, and even firewood for those cold winters.

If you find yourself stuck under some snow during the winter months, give us a call! We may not be able to protect your car from damages, but we can guarantee your lot or roadway will be clear from the pesky snow. Our professional team is equipped with top-notch equipment that can take care of the snow quickly and efficiently. We also offer ice control, which will get your roadways back to desirable conditions in no time.

Snow plowing and landscaping are only two of the many services we offer our customers. Trust us to help you design the perfect front or backyard perfect for any season. We’ll be sure it looks so good even Flo will want to stop by!

Landscape Design & Tree Service - Mayfield, Ohio
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